Re: gnome-popup-menu brokenness

> 1.	There is much confusion over the user_data that is passed to the
> 	  callbacks. Normally you specify user_data at signal connect time
> 	  (e.g. when the GnomeUIInfo is turned into a menu). But in this
> 	  case, it is taking user_data when the menu popup is actually done.
> 	  This is in an attempt to allow people to use one popup menu for
> 	  many different widgets.

I really tried to understand what you said, and I failed.  

> 2.	gnome_popup_menu_do_popup_modal()

Again, I do not understand what you mean here either.

I would love if you could tell me what is the problem you are trying
to address, because without that background, what you say in your mail
has very little meaning to me.

> 2.	Eliminating do_popup_modal() altogether. This is used once each in
> 	  gmenu, gnome-terminal, evolution, and gnome-fm, and three times in
> 	  gmc (says lxr). I looked at gmenu and gnome-terminal, and they
> 	  basically are just being a tad lazy when using this function.

I do not understand the rationale for this but adding more work on
overworked developers.  What is wrong with keeping it?


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