Re: A zvt proposition

Well for starters I dont think its a particularly "required" feature,
although it would be nice I guess.

There is no need to add any new api for this, the existing
one has enough space to include the colour information as well
(as part of the attribute setting).

Ok, well, to save you the time and avoid the probably destabilising
effects of somone unfamiliar working with the code, i've just coded it
up, it was eaiser than i'd thought.

I'm just about to check this into gnome-libs stable, the api hasn't
changed, you can just now also pass foreground/background colour with
the 'highlight_mask' attribute.

e.g. to set foreground colour 2, and background colour 5, use

bold/underline/inverse can be combined with these also.

With an older version of zvt, theOBse flags will be explicitly ignored
by zvt_match_add(), so they are safe to use anywhere.



> On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 10:28:56PM +0000, Hassan Aurag wrote:
> > This is really out of my head. Feel free to criticize .........
> > 
> > Would be extremely difficult to add the possibility of another type of 
> > match_add in zvt? Instead of just highlighting, it would colorize!
> > 
> > Yes I know I could do it myself! However, I don't know how, and that's 
> > why I am asking. Moreover, I think that a lot of zvt based apps would 
> > benefit from this. 
> > 
> > We would then have a color_match_add function that would do this on 
> > regex tags! Simple to use, blahblahblah!
> As my previous messages indicated, I would be really interested in this.
> I can't dedicate a great deal of time to implementing it, but I would be
> happy to help as much as I can.
> Perhaps NotZed (or someone else who understands the way the vt code works)
> could suggest a way to implement it.  Those who are interested in seeing
> the functionality could then write the code.
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