Testers wanted! gdm 2.0 beta 4 SRPM

I attempted to create an SRPM for gdm 2.0 beta 4 based upon the SRPM of gdm 2.0
beta 2 in Red Hat 6.1.  It should work for both Red Hat 6.0 and Red Hat 6.1
(I'm currently using it under 6.0).

I think I got most things right, but it was a very challenging process since
Red Hat provides a large number of patches with gdm 2.0 beta 2 and the gdm code
base has changed quite a bit lately.

I got rid of the bug fix patches that have been merged since 2.0 beta 2 and I
attempted to port the patches that haven't yet been applied to the mainline
distribution.  Patch 30 was a big pain and though I managed to port most of it,
I'm not confident enough with the gdm code to finish.  The comment for 30 said
it was Red Hat-specific, whatever that means, so my temporary solution was to
disable it.  (See the SPEC file for more information.)

My goal in doing this is to hopefully see a SPEC file shipped with gdm, though
perhaps in a redhat directory, since gdm is a bit system-specific (see an
earlier thread on the list).



John GOTTS <jgotts@linuxsavvy.com>  http://www.linuxsavvy.com/staff/jgotts

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