ANNOUNCE: libglade-0.8

I have just released a new version of libglade.  Libglade allows your
application to separate the user interface code of your program into a
seperate file, which can be modified without needing to recompile the
application.  The interface file can be edited with glade.

The new version is available at:

Here is a list of the changes:
    - fixed mem leak in the GtkLabel and GtkAccelLabel creation routines.
      Also recognise the wrap property of these widgets.
    - fixed the code for removing placeholders in the tree, so it actually
    - fixed the i18n stuff so it doesn't translate empty strings.
    - take notice of more of the settings on GnomeDruidPageStandard's.
    - don't depend on internal libxml structures.  This means that libxml
      1.7.2 or greater is required, but libglade will be less likely to
      break if Daniel changes the internal structures.
    - fixed recognition of GNOME_STOCK_PIXMAP_EXIT.
    - some justification fixes for some menu items.
    - correctly name GnomeDockItems
    - be more consistent with setting the properties of toplevel windows.
      Also added support for the modal and default_width/default_height
    - test-libglade.c is now dual licenced under GPL and X style licence.
      This clears up any problems with creating a non GPL/LGPL'd
      application using test-libglade as a starting point.



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