Re: Fwd: hey, wassup rMoYa


On Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 04:56:02PM +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!

> I've received this message directly sent to my private email address and
> I don't
> know who the this hp from RedHat is. I ask this question in the list
> because the
> address is from
> redhat. Of course, I haven't asked for any address to this guy, and even
> less one
> about SEX to somebody in RedHat (I have better ways of looking for sex
> than asking
> to RedHat).

> As I suppose, this guy who sent this message does not work for RedHat
> (maybe he used
> the already exisitng address), so this is the other purpose of sending
> the message
> to the
> list, to warn you.

	The individual in question has been sending out customised SPAM
(or what looks like SPAM).  It is MUCH WORSE.  The site is a hostile
web site.  We have analyzed some of the pages up there and they are
designed to bypass security checks and do damage to Windows systems.
The silly ape has a script up there that tries to format all of your
hard drives, but he starts out by trying to format c: (well duh!).

> And what scared me about this mail (I just remove this kind of messages
> when I
> receive them with no further interest) is that it was sent to my private
> mail and
> even it talks
> about this in the message (see above the line 'ps: why r u using
> now? it
> doens't make sence, anyway *bye*...', ---- my private address is
> Maybe somebody
> is using my address for something else.

	No...  It's a bot.  It's on autopilot.  It reaped your address
from some web page (probably mailing list archive sites) and processed
it through.  It splits the E-Mail address into local and network parts
and customizes the message to make it look like it was done by liveware.
We got one into "" like that and it was
address to "Linux-kernel" and finished by saying "why r u using now".  WELL DUH!

> So if it was a mistake, sorry for the post.

> wrote:

> > here is the site you wanted... it's the
> one that
> >gives you free membership access (all hacked) to abotu 300 membership
> based sex
> >sites. k bye...
> > ps: why r u using now? it doens't make sence, anyway *bye*...

	This is a dangerous site!  It is cybermined to damage systems.

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