RE: Fwd: hey, wassup rMoYa

On 07-Jul-98 Rodrigo Moya wrote:
>Hi all!
>I've received this message directly sent to my private email address and
>I don't know who the this hp from RedHat is. I ask this question in the list
>because the address is from redhat. 

Its a common spam going around. I've had my name (well a bastardized version
badly scanned out of the headers anyway) attached to a few as well, the message
is customized for the receiver to include the name pulled from a mail header.

Its quite annoying and I got into a bit of a flamefest with the owners of the
site being advertised with them smugly claiming that it was nothing to do with
them, that is was a "maverick" individual on their site that had started it off,
and as the mail was not sent through them that they were innocent of all wrong
doing (fume!)

The site its being sent from and the sites its being relayed through differ 
regularly. It might be some sort of windows mailer macro virus or sommat going
the rounds, or maybe just some evil nuisance with a script. But its far more
annoying that your average spam, as having your name attached to it makes you
look like the culpriet(sic). Needless to say has nothing to do
with it. Examine the headers of the message you got, and you will see that it
more than likely came from some dialup machine to which
appears to be this weeks favorite relay.

The machine and similiar offenders really shouln't accept
mail from its dialups that says its "From" a different domain than itself.


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