Re: threaded network

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, David Benson wrote:

> For dns lookup,
> for GNU asynchronous DNS.
> Not as easy as synchronous dns, and it'd take a bit
> of work to integrate it with the gtk main loop...
> (ie it'd be nice if it would just take a callback to invoke
> on success/failure and managed putting itself/removing
> itself from the mainloop)
> - Dave

I looked at adns and it seems cool. However, I see some problems in
integrating it with (for example) glib.

1) I think current glib guidelines include thread safety and Win32
porting. It doesn't seem adns is thread safe, but I could learn glib's
mutexex, etc. and protect every adns call with them. Moreover, I don't
know Win32 (and I'm not going to learn it) so Win32 porting doesn't seem
so important for now... (at least to me)

2) I don't know if it's ok to add adns to glib dependencies, but it could
be a --with-adns or --with-network-support

3) (the most important) adns license is GNU GPL. Glib's one (like GTK+,
GNOME, etc.) is GNU LGPL. I think this means we cannot link to adns from
glib nor GTK+,etc. please prove me wrong ...


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