Re: gnome-terminal hacking

You will probably have trouble getting this to work with arbitrary 

Here are a few suggestions that may help though:
  1) make your terminal emulator a shaped window.  That is, it is shaped
     as the characters in the terminal window.  This way you would have
     full transparency.  Note that this would probably be very very slow.

  2) See if you can get those xscreensaver hacks to render to an pixmap as
     well as a window.  Windows and pixmaps are almost identical as far as
     X is concerned (a pixmap is just a window that does not need
     redrawing on expose events, is not shown on screen and doesn't
     recieve any events).  Now when rendering the terminal window, draw
     the pixmap to screen then draw the text over the pixmap.  This
     probably only has a chance of working with the xscreensaver hacks,
     but that seems to be all you want.

There are other things you could probably try.



On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Daniel A. Nobuto wrote:

> Hi all,
> > Many xterm programs offer a pseudo-transparent mode, in which they do
> > exactly what you mentioned, using the root window image as the xterm
> > background.  Recent releses of rxvt offer such a feature, and I'm sure
> > that there are others as well.  It's too cool a feature for there to
> > not be!
> Actually, I'm not looking at transparency.  I want to say, have:
> gnome-terminal #1's background -- xanim W<gnome-terminal1 id>
> gnome-terminal #2's background -- xmatrix -window <gnome-terminal2 id>
> gnome-terminal #3's background -- braid -window <gnome-terminal 3 id>
> gnome-terminal #4's background -- plaympeg foo.mpg
> root window's background -- The Matrix, via VCR->video card input. :-)
> etc.
> If there isn't a standard of how such things should be handled, I'll start
> hacking and see if I can come up with anything.
> -- DN
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