Re: gnome-terminal hacking

Hi all,

> Many xterm programs offer a pseudo-transparent mode, in which they do
> exactly what you mentioned, using the root window image as the xterm
> background.  Recent releses of rxvt offer such a feature, and I'm sure
> that there are others as well.  It's too cool a feature for there to
> not be!

Actually, I'm not looking at transparency.  I want to say, have:
gnome-terminal #1's background -- xanim W<gnome-terminal1 id>
gnome-terminal #2's background -- xmatrix -window <gnome-terminal2 id>
gnome-terminal #3's background -- braid -window <gnome-terminal 3 id>
gnome-terminal #4's background -- plaympeg foo.mpg
root window's background -- The Matrix, via VCR->video card input. :-)


If there isn't a standard of how such things should be handled, I'll start
hacking and see if I can come up with anything.

-- DN

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