Re: Summary of my ideas (Updated)

it should have gmc (or the new gnome-desktop in cvs) root menu

> > Why not make it the way I propose, and then also make a
> > swallow-menu applet.
> > The if you drag the local menu to the dragging area, it created
> > the global menu (not
> > a panel), and if you drag the menu to the menu applet, the menu
> > becomes part
> > of the panel
> This would also work, as long as a control-center options is also
> implemented. But what if there is no programs open, and the user wants to
> remove the menu? I guess there could be a "close menu bar" option on the
> menu of some kind, or the user could just go into the control-center to turn
> it off. Maybe I misunderstand you. This raises another question: what should
> the menu bar look like if there is nothing in it: do not display it, display
> a blank screen width bar, or a smaller bar?
> Gerry
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