Fwd: [pygtk] A weird problem with raw_input and zvt


I sent the message below to pygtk list thinking I did something wrong.

Now I am sure it's a zvt bug. I am using october-gnome btw.

Ok, I did not and could not reproduce exactly, what is described 
below, in gnome-terminal, BUT if you write a loong line then try to 
get back with arrow then your line will start going nuts.

If this has been known then apologies. Otherwise, tell me and I'll 
submit a bug report if needed!

Also, if I type raw_input('promt: ') in my app, all is well. This is 
really weird!

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On 11/14/99, 11:09:12 PM, Hassan Aurag <aurag@CRM.UMontreal.CA> wrote 
regarding [pygtk] A weird problem with raw_input and zvt:

>  Hi,

> I have an app that creates a zvt term in a gnome-app and forks and
> calls another python script that handles input output etc....

> The way I handle input is by using raw_input(prompt)

> Now if I type a line long enough to go onto the next line, it won't
> and instead will overwrite the first line. This happens only in the
> first line and it gets redrawn if I use the left arrow (I have
> imported readline to be able to do that). For all other lines of the
> same input, everything is ok.

> Now, I haven't been able to reproduce this even with the zterm.py
> example provided with pygnome package. I even used raw_input there and
> all is fine.

> The only difference between zterm.py and my thinggy is that one is in
> a Gtkwindow and the other is in a GtkHBox which itself is in a
> GnomeApp

> Any idea why this happens?

> H. Aurag

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