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On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 wrote:

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> rto Zunino writes:

> >[ch]
> Can you rerelease this code under the LGPL so it's compatible with libgnome et
> al?  I'm writing a proprietary app but I think your library would be a good
> starting point for the network functionality and I would be able to give back
> all of our enhancements (multiple connections would be the first thing we would
> add).  My company would benefit, you would benefit, and the GNOME people would
> benefit if they elected to include this new, enhanced library.
> John

Of course! I thought it was already under LGPL!
Try to download it now again (BTW, I used the last version of LGPL: I
hope that's ok for GNOME...).

Please note that it's at ALPHA stage!
Of course, read the TODO list on my home page, and release your changes!

Moreover, I'm writing a proposal for gnome-adns which could replace the
current (deprecated) gnome-dns for async dns lookup. It's based on the
adns library.

When it's ready I'll publish it on my page.

Happy hacking,

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