I have been experimenting with the GnomeCanvas widget and drawing
and such shapes works ok for me. 
Unfortunately I have not yet been able to draw text on using the
CanvasItem known
as GnomeCanvasText.

Here is how I am trying to put text on the GnomeCanvas :

	GnomeCanvasItem *import_preview;
	GnomeCanvas *import_canvas;

	/* I have cut some code here, this is were the GnomeCanvas is created
         * My reason for not including that code is because it works, as
I can draw
 	 * rectangles and other shapes on the canvas without problems

	import_preview = gnome_canvas_item_new (gnome_canvas_root
						"text", "Canvas Test",
						"x", 1.0,
						"y", 1.0,

If somebody sees what I am doing wrong, please tell me..

Yours sincerely,

Almer. S. Tigelaar.

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