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> > > What would be VERY NICE is a method to load a new mouse cursor in one easy
> > > step from a XBM or XPM file.  The only example I can find for making a mous
> e
> > > cursor is in Eric Harlow's GTK book, and it requires that one first make a
> > > C-based method to convert XPM to XBM.  It seems a bit much to do when your
> > > working with Gnome-Python bindings, and a Gnome API for this seems in order
> .
> > > 
> > 
> > Look at the gnumeric/src/cursors.c
> > 
> While we're at it, it would be nice to have a GNOME-wide "busy" cursor etc.  
> That
> way, we can add code to the mouse-properties-capplet to set the cursor.

I've always thought the standard X-cursors were really ugly...
I think it would be *great* if the GNOME could have a capplet
which allowed one to edit *all* of the standard cursors. In fact,
this kind of thing could maybe be tied into theming.

One thing which annoys me is that window managers such as
Enlightenment set their own cursors, but when you hover
the mouse over a GTK widget, the style/color of the cursor
completely changes. Anyone with any ideas of how to integrate
this kind of thing?

Lastly, does the X server limit the cursor to a monochrome
bitmap? Is there any work being done to remove this limitation?

I must apologise because this email of full of ideas and
questions, but I myself personally do not have any time
to write code for the GNOME. But I hope these questions
can stir up some appropriate discussion!


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