Re: Cursors

It would be possible to have a stock cursor interface.  If we were going
to add the ability to have cursor themes, we would need a way to read an
xbm file at runtime, but there doesn't seem to be a wrapper around
XReadBitmapFile in gdk.

Yes, cursors have to be monochrome in X.  Although, you can choose colours
other than black and white for the cursor, which can make them look a bit

To get a coloured cursor, you would need to manually move a shaped window
containing the cursor image around.  You can already see what this would
be like by dragging toolbars around (think about what it would look like
with no cursor over the top).  Of course, this would play havoc with the
actual application getting events, so there is almost no chance that
something like this will be implemented in gtk.



On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Alastair B Roberts wrote:

> I've always thought the standard X-cursors were really ugly...
> I think it would be *great* if the GNOME could have a capplet
> which allowed one to edit *all* of the standard cursors. In fact,
> this kind of thing could maybe be tied into theming.
> One thing which annoys me is that window managers such as
> Enlightenment set their own cursors, but when you hover
> the mouse over a GTK widget, the style/color of the cursor
> completely changes. Anyone with any ideas of how to integrate
> this kind of thing?
> Lastly, does the X server limit the cursor to a monochrome
> bitmap? Is there any work being done to remove this limitation?
> I must apologise because this email of full of ideas and
> questions, but I myself personally do not have any time
> to write code for the GNOME. But I hope these questions
> can stir up some appropriate discussion!
> Thanks,
> Alastair

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