Re: URL retrieval

There is the libghttp library that can handle http connections, but its
author recommends people look at the W3C's libwww (which also supports
ftp). I have been doing a bit of work getting libwww to play nicely, and
have come up with the glibwww wrapper.

It provides a thin layer around libwww that hides a lot of its complexity,
and also allows libwww to run inside the glib mainloop.  The code is
currently only available under gnorpm/glibwww in CVS, as I have not tested
it too much.

Even if you don't want to use the wrapper to hide the libwww API, you
probably want the glibwww-callbacks.c file, which does the glib event loop



On 25 Nov 1999, Jonas Oberg wrote:

> I'm working on an application that for various reasons might need
> to retrieve information from a remote webserver. Is there some
> recommended way to do this that one can expect would work on all
> GNOME workstations, or would I need to code that functionality
> specifically for this application?
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