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On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 wrote:

> > I see a GNOME theme including:
> > 
> > * GTK theme
> > * fonts
> > * color scheme
> These can be set in the GTK theme can't they?

Yes, I believe they can. My point is that sometimes
a user will really like a theme, but will desire to
slightly change it to suit their preferences. These
changes are usually font/color scheme related. What
I was saying is that once these changes are made to
a certain theme, this can be detected and saved
as a new theme automatically. I believe Windows
Deskstop themes work in the same way. Perhaps this
can already be done though?
> > I would also like the ability for the user to overide
> > scrollbar configuration, including:
> > 
> > * left or right location
> > * width
> > * minimum size
> This is also a GTK theme thing I think.

Same point here. I really like the ThinIce theme, but
I wish the scrollbars were 14 pixels wide. Do I really
have to rewrite/recode a theme to set this? From a UI
point of view, I think it would be great to have users
be able to set this for any theme, regardless of theme's
default settings.

As for minimum size of the scroll bar, can this really
be set by a GTK theme?


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