Re: a suggestion about error-messages

On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 12:48:26AM +1100, James Wilkinson wrote:
> >> > sent to stdout/stderr, but I cant see that if the program has been
> >> > launched from a panel / menu. If f.x. I make a launcher in the
> >> > Gnome-panel which tries to execute the command "sklhgsd" (which
> >> > obviously doesnt exists) I can just push the button forever whithout
> >> > ever being informed that the command doesnt exist.
> Anyway, the point of this story is that they went and wrote xconsole, a
> nifty litte program that traps output to X's tty, and displays it on the X
> display.
> I may have missed the point of the question, but that is an already
> existing answer to what I thought it was asking, and why reinvent the
> wheel?  It would be an easy task to port xconsole to be a GNOME applet...
> unless such a task has already been done.

The problems with this are that many applications generate diagnostic
output without failing, and that there's no easy way to tell which
program wrote what output.  A dialog window that pops up on an error
exit with the application's nameand a log of the output would be much
more informative and less intrusive than always running xconsole.

-- John Kodis.

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