Re: Model/View/Controller architecture

>  I've seen some widgets in GNOME programs that use model/view/controller
>  architecture (Eye Of Gnome, for example). I'm interested in learning
>  more about this. Can anyone suggest some books or maybe there is an
>  article in GNOME repository about it? Which GNOME projects use it?

Books on the Java Swing architecture will mention this.  Likewise for
the old Smalltalk papers.  And the "Design Patterns" book has this as

Basically, the idea is to separate your data model from your display
engine and UI control semantics.  A "view" is a graphical
representation of a specific data model.  Usually, multiple views can
display the same data model, so changes in the data model will be
reflected by all views automatically.  This means you need a
notification system so that the data model can inform the rest of the
world about changes to its data.


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