Re: Cursors

>  But then again, we do have some reusable code in eog that can do this.

I am not completely satisfied with the solution in EOG.  It requires
two XBM files per cursor, one for the mask and one for the data.  I
would prefer something that takes in a GdkPixbuf and thresholds it so

	1. Alpha values are either 0 or 255

	2. Color values are either 0 or 255

thus producing a bilevel image.  It would render this to two 1-bit deep
GdkPixmaps and call gdk_cursor_new_from_pixmap().

[It would also be nice if we put stock cursors in the new gnome-libs;
the default X cursors are wretchedly ugly.  Gtk+ should also use a
default arrow cursor for windows.]


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