Re: a suggestion about error-messages

Peter Søndergaard wrote:

> James Wilkinson wrote:
> > Anyway, the point of this story is that they went and wrote xconsole, a
> > nifty litte program that traps output to X's tty, and displays it on the X
> > display.
> >
> > I may have missed the point of the question, but that is an already
> > existing answer to what I thought it was asking, and why reinvent the
> > wheel?  It would be an easy task to port xconsole to be a GNOME applet...
> > unless such a task has already been done.
> In this case I would clearly prefer reinviting the wheel. That should be much
> easier!
> >
> > Oh, and there's a few others, like rootlogger, which effectovely does a
> > tail -f and displays it on the root window.  This, again, could be ported
> > to be a GNOME applet, or this idea used for a xconsole port.
> >
> > Sorry for the tone, but I thought the answer was perfectly obvious :)
> Well, the interesting point point to notice here might be that I actually
> posed the question, even though I have used Linux/unix every day for three
> years and should know about the full function of xconsole. For me, xconsole
> is a very ugly app I kill every time I see it, because I find it useless. I
> takes up screen real estate, and I rarely need it, and I have not yet been
> able to make it show an error message. As far as I can see it traps messages
> sent to /dev/console, not stdout/stderr. Correct me if I am wrong. xconsole
> dont look like a solution at all.
> Peter Soendergaard
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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't it completely trivial to trap stdout/stderr
output?  It would take all of 10 minutes to make a GTK app that would pop up
with an error output window from a failed window.  It would probably take longer
to integrate the code into gnome-core than to write the code itself.

Sean Middleditch

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