Re: a suggestion about error-messages

>Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't it completely trivial to trap stdout/stderr
> output?  It would take all of 10 minutes to make a GTK app that would pop up
> with an error output window from a failed window.  It would probably take longer
> to integrate the code into gnome-core than to write the code itself.

It would probably make sense to do what Xsession (the xdm session script)
does, reopen stdout/stderr from the session to '~/.xsession-errors'.

Simple.  The errors are there, just not in your face.

And if you really wanted it, your applet could just monitor that file
... or if you really cares, you could use named pipes or something
(either way, the output has to go through a file descriptor).

If gdm doesn't do this, then it is certainly a problem with it, but
not gnome as a whole.


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