Re: Conditionals in autoconf/make

On Nov 27, 1999, Colin Fox <> wrote:
> Ok, I feel kind of out of touch here. I've looked at the info pages for
> automake etc., but I still am kind of clueless when it comes to actually
> creating my own .am files. Is there a nice, straightforward tutorial on
> this, or do I have to wander around macro hell trying to figure out how
> it all gets put together?

That's how I ended up doing it.  (c:  Browsing through the's
in other projects can be very illuminating.  Of course, if you don't
mind waiting a few months, I have a book on GNOME coming out sometime in
early to mid 2000 with a nice, juicy chapter on autoconf, automake,
libtool, and all that.  (In fact, I'll probably throw this particular
example in, for good measure.)  Havoc's book has a nice chapter on it,

If you have any specific questions, feel free to send them to this list.


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