Re: Autoconf/AutoMake

Jonas Oberg <> writes:

> Tom Tromey <> writes:
> > maintainer-clean should remove, I think, but I doubt it
> > should remove configure.
> Thats correct. From the GNU Coding Standards;
> `maintainer-clean'
>      Delete almost everything from the current directory that can be
>      reconstructed with this Makefile.  This typically includes
>      everything deleted by `distclean', plus more: C source files
>      produced by Bison, tags tables, Info files, and so on.
>      The reason we say "almost everything" is that running the command
>      `make maintainer-clean' should not delete `configure' even if
>      `configure' can be remade using a rule in the Makefile.  More
>      generally, `make maintainer-clean' should not delete anything that
>      needs to exist in order to run `configure' and then begin to build
>      the program.  This is the only exception; `maintainer-clean' should
>      delete everything else that can be rebuilt.

so, what is the right way to do it ?

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