Re: desktop as a separate window (fwd)

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 05:54:30AM +0000, Paul Warren wrote:

> Not very.  Hopefully we'll be getting a final draft out within a week or
> so.  For anyone who knows a bit about WM internals, the latest draft is
> at:
> and extra eyes to proof read it would be gratefully received, especially
> if it affects software that you develop (toolkits, WMs and
> desktoppy-bit-of-gmc).  NB. we're after problems with the current draft
> NOT requests for exciting new features...

In Section 2 - Desktop Areas as opposed to multiple desktops, the spec
seems to imply that the current active area is measured in whole
screen size units.  Does this prohibit setting the viewport to a
position that straddles several whole window sized areas?  I would
hope that this is not the case, but that's how the spec reads.

This doesn't seem like it would fall into the "exciting new features"
category, since several current WMs already offer such a feature.

-- John Kodis.

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