Re: PATCH against CVS gnome-terminal - option to disable overstriking

* NotZed ( wrote:
> I still need convincing this is actually a useful feature ...
> I mean do people want underline turned off too?  It seems an
> odd thing to want to do.

Dunno really, just an option I always used to set on the cmdline of
Eterm, and noticed wasn't on gnome-terminal. I use loads of colours
with vim, mutt, ls etc, and don't like my lightblue etc being
over-struck. This patch fixed it for me, but its probably a very
personal thing, and so feel free to discard it ;-)
> Maybe you should set your application not to bold, or use
> a termcap/terminfo which disables it (which seems a more appropriate
> way to do it).

Yuck. Termcap is obsolete (officially) and terminfo is pretty ugly
syntax-wise. I didn't think it a very UI-oriented solution. I thought
the idea was to do as much as possible through the gnome ui, leaving
textfile-editing for more obscure stuff.

Anyway the patch doesn't go as far as I wanted. It disables
overstriking altogether, I just want to prevent its use to create
colours. Text specifically emboldened should look that way.

I guess terminfo is my only choice.


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