Re: PATCH against CVS gnome-terminal - option to disable overstriking

> > Maybe you should set your application not to bold, or use
> > a termcap/terminfo which disables it (which seems a more appropriate
> > way to do it).
> Yuck. Termcap is obsolete (officially) and terminfo is pretty ugly
> syntax-wise. I didn't think it a very UI-oriented solution. I thought
> the idea was to do as much as possible through the gnome ui, leaving
> textfile-editing for more obscure stuff.

Well it is the low-level terminal behaviour you are trying to change.
Terminfo isn't that bad ...

> Anyway the patch doesn't go as far as I wanted. It disables
> overstriking altogether, I just want to prevent its use to create
> colours. Text specifically emboldened should look that way.

Ahh i see, well its not the terminal doing that really, its the
applications you are running.  They are requesting 'bright' colours,
which are the top-8 colours, and bright is also emboldened - this
is your problem.

You can also specify the top 8 colours separately, and these are
not emboldened.

You use 90-97 and 100-107 for the colour code such as \E[91;102m
to select these colours for foreground/background of the character
cell (i can't remember which set does which, its easy to test).

Since all colour entries can now be manually specified, your best
bet is to to use these sequences to request colours, not to use
the bright option as is probably currently being done.

> I guess terminfo is my only choice.

If you have enough control over the colour specifiers, then there
is another way ...


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