Re: PATCH against CVS gnome-terminal - option to disable overstriking

* NotZed ( wrote:
> > > Maybe you should set your application not to bold, or use
> > > a termcap/terminfo which disables it (which seems a more appropriate
> > > way to do it).
> > 
> > Yuck. Termcap is obsolete (officially) and terminfo is pretty ugly
> > syntax-wise. I didn't think it a very UI-oriented solution. I thought
> > the idea was to do as much as possible through the gnome ui, leaving
> > textfile-editing for more obscure stuff.
> Well it is the low-level terminal behaviour you are trying to change.
> Terminfo isn't that bad ...

[Shiver] I guess so...

> > Anyway the patch doesn't go as far as I wanted. It disables
> > overstriking altogether, I just want to prevent its use to create
> > colours. Text specifically emboldened should look that way.
> Ahh i see, well its not the terminal doing that really, its the
> applications you are running.  They are requesting 'bright' colours,
> which are the top-8 colours, and bright is also emboldened - this
> is your problem.
> You can also specify the top 8 colours separately, and these are
> not emboldened.
> You use 90-97 and 100-107 for the colour code such as \E[91;102m
> to select these colours for foreground/background of the character
> cell (i can't remember which set does which, its easy to test).
> Since all colour entries can now be manually specified, your best
> bet is to to use these sequences to request colours, not to use
> the bright option as is probably currently being done.
Aaah. I guess I need to brush up on my escape sequences. I am
currently usng the bright-option, having previously thought it to be
the only way.

> > I guess terminfo is my only choice.
> If you have enough control over the colour specifiers, then there
> is another way ...
Another excuse to delve into my .muttrc, .vimrc, .slrnrc. Cool!

Thanks for the informed and helpful reply :-)

>  Michael

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