Re: Roadmap for GNOME 2.0

> Hi,
>  - I like that Federico is going to be in charge of gnome-libs, everyone
>    please be nice when he does mean release-manager things. :-)
>  - it should be made clear that after we freeze, the release
>    happens "when it's stable," though a target date is nice
>    just so we know when we'd like to release and how
>    much time we are leaving for QA. That is the 1.5 months
>    for QA of gnome-libs is just an estimate.

Everything sounds good. But I think there needs to be some sort of plan on
what to do after QA is over. Considering we have such a long QA time,
things'll be pretty stable (unlike gnome-1.0) so you'll have much less bugs
to fix. That means you should fork and begin a new development branch
immediately as you release the 'stable' code. That way you'll have
something new to work with for new features and applications, and you still
have the old branch for bug-fixing.

Its taken quite a long time after the release of gnome-1.0 for work to go
into the future of GNOME rather than just making what we released work.
That way, more exciting stuff can come to GNOME quicker (i.e. bonobo, gmf,
GConf, etc.)

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