Some thoughts...

Hi Everyone !

As a more "listening" part I thought that I would give you some
ideas.... (I should get with the program and start coding myself...)

First, I don't like the current "File Selector" pop up window, So what I
suggest is that in gnome-conf there should be several options to the
user which would then select the "file selection" box that particular
user wants, to the application program there should offcourse be no

Secondly, have anybody seen what OpenStep had just before It disapeard,
It had a panel that had "flaps" for different applications, I would like
to see the same for the GNOME pannel. 

Third,How hard would it be to make the Menu a tear off (The whole menu
bar) and then if the used want to It could be like apple (In the top) or
perhaps like NextStep on the side in a "box", This would also be great
to be able to have settings for.

How about a Installer application like M$ Win, I know that it works
great with RPMS and such things but to make things really easy for new
users would it not be great to be able to point and click on a
downloaded application and it would open a "installation process" like
thouse in Windows, perhaps provide a automated feature to allow
programmers to pack their application (Perhaps there is no real nead for
this when I start to think about it...)

How about mapping the keyboard "Windows" key to the gnome menu? And
perhaps the Menu button to menus in GNOME programs.

Anyway that was all for now, I like your work ! Keep it up !

Thanks for giving me a desktop alternative !

/Robert Wikander

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