Re: Gdk question.

This is because E does some weird stuff to support multiple desktops.  It
is for this reason that dnd to the root window does not work on other
desktops as well.

Something to help with this will probably be added to the next version of
the win hints.



On Sat, 2 Oct 1999 wrote:

> Up until now I have been using GDK_ROOT_PARENT() to get the root window
> and draw on it.  However I have recently noticed that this doesn't work
> when you aren't on the first desktop.  The desktop you are on does not get
> redrawn and when I go back to the first desktop it is solid black.  I tried
> using GDK_ROOT_WINDOW() but that gave me some compiler warnings/errors and
> I tried ((GdkWindow *)&GDK_ROOT_WINDOW().  That took care of the compiler but
> I would get a segfault for using it.
> The short version is: Is there a way I can get the root window of the desktop
> that I am currently on as a GdkWindow or am I going to have to go buy an Xlibs
> book?
>                                         -Govind Salinas
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