Gdk question.

Up until now I have been using GDK_ROOT_PARENT() to get the root window
and draw on it.  However I have recently noticed that this doesn't work
when you aren't on the first desktop.  The desktop you are on does not get
redrawn and when I go back to the first desktop it is solid black.  I tried
using GDK_ROOT_WINDOW() but that gave me some compiler warnings/errors and
I tried ((GdkWindow *)&GDK_ROOT_WINDOW().  That took care of the compiler but
I would get a segfault for using it.

The short version is: Is there a way I can get the root window of the desktop
that I am currently on as a GdkWindow or am I going to have to go buy an Xlibs

                                        -Govind Salinas

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