Guname weirdness (Gnome-utils package)

The guname program has a problem in gnome-utils-1.0.13

When i run it it starts resizing itself continuosly. The window keeps
shrinking and expanding rapidly for no reason. I am still able to click on
stuff inside the window but its very annoying behavior and shouldn't be
occuring for a program at all. Unfortunately I'm using RPMs at the moment
and can't get CVS access (too lazy to set-up PPP under linux) so the
binaries are stripped and have no debugging symbols - The following error
occurs on the console screen:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 739
(gtk_container_dequeue_resize_handler): assertion
`GTK_CONTAINER_RESIZE_PENDING (container)' failed.

I think that is the problem (since its re-size associated).
Anyone wanna look into it?


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