Enhancement of Gnome Help Browser


I am interested in helping out with the enhancement of the GHB.  I noticed
on the status page that there no one currently "owns" the issue.  My only
concern about committing to do it is that of time - I would like to do
this work in an academic context - ie, to fulfill a design project that I
must do before I graduate.  While this will not affect the actual code
written, it would affect the time scale.  I believe I could add
searching capability by Mid-November, but I am not sure if I could embed
Gecko as well, which seemed to be the other major enhancement needed.
Would it be sufficent to get the search features in with this release, and
then work on the better rendering engine for the next release?
The thing I like about this project is that it is rather self contained
and well defined, which makes it suitable as an academic project.
Convincing my advisor that "General Gnome Hacking" is an academically
acceptable project might be tough ;)  But on that note, if there is some
other long term ( next 5-6 months) project that is relativley self
contained and involves both design and coding, I would be interested in
that as well.

Looking forward to making GNOME better (and graduating!),

-Peter Recore

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