Generic XML editor for gnome

Hi everyone,
I'm writing to announce the ongoing development of a generic XML editor for
Gnome called Heqet. The project is a month old , but i only make it public
now because only recently i found a good place to put the documentation.
Heqet is absolutely open source, so the docs in will contain everything from the
requirements specs, to the UML diagrams, to the sources, to the generated
source documentation.
Heqet is being developed in C++ and it heavily relies on libxml by Daniel
Veillard (who kindly gave his blessing to the project :) ).
Please note that the information on the url above may be incomplete (for a
few days), and the cvs repository is not up yet(but will be soon).
The development of Heqet is layered basically in three stages: stage 0 will
provide well formedness support (pretty much a XED for Gnome), stage 1 will
extend this to validity support. The definition of stage 2 is still
underspecified. For more info see the FAQ in the url above.

Well, that's all, hope to have more news about Heqet soon,
All the best,

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