Re: Save a password in ~/.gnome/some-app-file

>>>>> "Manuel" == mclos000  <> writes:

Manuel> How secure is to store a password in ~/.gnome/some-app-file?

Not secure at all.

Manuel> Is there any way to get more security?

You could use the _private versions of the gnome_config functions.
Private options are stored in ~/.gnome_private, which is only readable
by the user.  This is a bit better.

I still wouldn't store any really important information that way.
For instance, I wouldn't store the root password there, or anywhere.

Manuel> Any way to scramble the password, save it with gnome-config
Manuel> and get it again with gnome-config to de-scramble it?

Not automatically.  You can always encode/decode in your own program
and only save the encoded string.  Of course any scrambling method
which is invertible without user input will be invertible by the
attacker as well.  This approach only circumvents the very casual


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