Re: [grave]: bug in gnome-mdi? wrote:
> I'm using the "save" and "restore" functions of gnome-mdi to do
> session saving. The problems comes when I close the app whit no childs,
> this is, only the main mdi window. When restarting the app,
> the restore function won't show the main mdi window because
> this happens when the first child is added, but this time, there are no
> childs to add, only the main mdi window should be there.
> I can do a workaround testing if there are no childs, but I think
> the restore function should do this.
> What's the correct behaviour?
not this, for sure ;)
I've just fixed it on both stable branch and HEAD. sorry for the delay,
but I've just returned from Crete after two weeks of complete isolation
from computers.




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