Correction. was Re: where does g_filename...

I wrote:

> As I understend gnome-libs-1-0 what branched off the HEAD just a few
> days ago and from the cvs log I can tell that there were virtualy no 
> changes.
> Another matter is gnome-core. But, as I know it now, g_filename_index
> was removed from the libgnome in July, but gmenu and panel in the HEAD
> of the gnome-core still use it! Because it takes a few minutes to
> replace g_filename_index in gmenu and panel, and because it was done
> in the gnome-core-1-0 branch, ...
  I am wrong -- It was not! Strange!gnome-libs-1-0 does have
g_filename_index --- had someone merged changes into gnome-libs HEAD
from some other branch?


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