Re: gnome-libs "rules of engagement"

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Sergey I. Panov wrote:
> gnome-libs HEAD seems to be trivial(some, probably, not). Should the
> task of fixing those compilation errors be left to modules
> maintainers?

These errors _should not be fixed_ for a couple of months. If app authors
and the gnome-core people try to track unstable gnome-libs they will spend
all their time fighting broken libs and none of their time developing. 

Also, we will need guinea pigs for our gnome-libs upgrade path once
gnome-libs stabilizes. :-)

It is a big problem to try to keep two unstable things in sync; we learned
that lesson with Gtk 1.2 and GNOME, and with GNOME 1.0 libs/desktop.

gnome-libs will be feature frozen and 99% source compatible starting in
2-3 months, then and only then should anyone be using it.


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