Re: Extended WM Hints

On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 10:20:50AM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> It is a public but not-so-optimally-coordinated process. You might try the
> wm-spec-list archives on

I found the archives shortly after posting. Unfortunately, they're broken
for the month of October. :-(

> However we do encourage only window manager authors or people with some
> special relevant expertise to participate in the WM spec process since it
> will be hard enough to get consensus just among those people.

I'm currently hacking on my personal copy of Sawmill, trying to fix various
UI oddities. Some of these problems involve Gnome compliance and other
issues not addressed in ICCCM. I care a lot about user interface
consistency, and I don't like all the rough edges that appear when
switching window managers on-the-fly or trying to use session management.

Unfortunately, I can't get any good information on the extended WM spec. I
can find various broken web pages (the list archives and manual on and one password-protected web site. Logging in with
guest/guest lets me see parts of a draft, but all the actual discussion is
hidden from non-members.

Under the circumstances, it's hard to get up to speed. I may or may not
want to work on some of these problems, but I can't make that decision
without free access to the appropriate information.


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