Re: Can someone take a look at #2522 bug report?

On 12 Oct 1999 15:27:50 -0400, A . Bosio <> wrote:
>I have a problem.
>The new version of my application (Electric Ears) depends on
>the audiofile's patch I've attached to the bug report #2522.
>Otherwise, my app doesn't work.
>I've written to audiofile author, and he doesn't answer me.
>I've posted the bug report and no one said nothing to me.
>I've just posted to this ml a message about this... and no one aswered me.
>So... can someone please apply the patch? Or if the bug I found isn't
>really a bug... can someone explain me why?

Reading & writing an audiofile at the same time doesn't make sense as far as sound file
formats and the audiofile API go. You need to read the file in and write the file out in
two separate passes.

-- Elliot
The first thing a programmer needs to admit is that any program is by far
more complex than his own mind. Thats why he partitions it into neat
pieces and avoids complexity.

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