Re: Gnome-core

I have also the same problem. Here some thing that might help:
Window Manager: Icewm 0.9.48
Gnome libs & core: 1.0.53
Gtk 1.2.5

I have it in the right side. If I put it elsewhere, all the icons move
when it showes/dissapears.

It both happens with a corner or side panel.

It happens on a "empty" panel.

Perhaps is something in gtk 2.0.5, I have experienced other problems
gmixer not "painting" (perhaps realizing) widgets, so widgets are there
but the look like when an application crashes.

Hope this helps.

Manuel Clos.

"Sergey I. Panov" wrote:
> >
> > I can assure you that the bug does exist. I can reproduce it with 1.0.53.
> > Juste move your mice rapidly over the panel while reducing. Move it again
> > and again to try to catch the panel before it's hidden. :-)
> >
> > You can try to change basep_widget_do_hiding to slow the hiding and better
> > reproduce the problem. :-)
> >
>  On my slow computer I tied whith different autohiding speeds and did not
> see the effect you've  described. Do you have any applets running in your
> panel? What WM you are using?
>  Sergey
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Manuel Clos.


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