Clue was Re: Gnome-core

It looks like I've found the magic combination.  

Manuel Clos wrote:
> I have also the same problem. Here some thing that might help:
> Window Manager: Icewm 0.9.48
> Gnome libs & core: 1.0.53
> Gtk 1.2.5
> I have it in the right side. If I put it elsewhere, all the icons move
> when it showes/dissapears.

The whole desktop (all windows , not just icons) move a bit to the
right and then back to the left, when panel slides to the left (not
autohiding) .

 That happend only if I use icewm-0.9.42-1,
 Everything is fine with E15 or WindowMaker-0.52.0-2.

I use gnome-libs-1-0 CVS branch (ver 1.0.53 ?)  and HEAD branch of the

Raphakl Hertzog wrote:

>I'm using WindowMaker with gnome support. I have an applet (gnome-pager).

Sorry, no problem with WM, and I filled panel with all sorts of applets.


PS. I think it somehow associated with icewm ability to slide desktop
to the right when you put panel on the left side. Out of all windows
managers I have, only icewm does it. Another sideffect of that
behavior is that if your panel is on the left side and you turn
autohide, the whole desktop moves left when when panel is
"auto-hiding" and the whole desktop moves to the right when panel is

 The whole thing must be caused by bug in Gnome WM spec or by the window
manager specific bugs.

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