Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued


> This is excellent!  It would be very nice to have this document in the
> main set of GNOME documentation papers.  If you choose to make it
> available there, I will be happy to assist you in formatting it
> properly for GNOME use (using DocBook, integrating it in the build
> system, etc.).
> Many of the GNOME configuration files are documented in the
> gnome-docu/white-papers/SystemConfig paper.
Argh. I should have known that before :( My document will probably be
a little redundant with those.

> You can do this with the MC mechanism for automatically populating the
> desktop with icons.  Please read the section titled "Configuring the
> desktop" in the SystemConfig document.  Basically, you can set up a
> configuration file that will tell MC which program to run to populate
> the desktop with your program's icons.
> This is the mechanism used by the g-print program, for example.  Its
> hook program gets run by MC and it creates the appropriate icon.
Mmm, it is my understanding that this program is part of the default
desktop, and is only run when 

  . a new desktop is created


  . the user does a desktop/right click/recreate default icons

If it can be run whenever the user opens its session, its perfect. Can 

I don't seem to have g-print installed on my Debian potato. Where can
I find info on it?

> As for hooks to access internal MC functions, such as rescanning the
> desktop, you have two options.  You can directly use the MC CORBA
> interface, as defined in the mc/idl/FileManager.idl.  Or you can use
> the gmc-client program, shipped with the MC distribution[1], to access
> some of these functions from the command line (gmc-client is a little
> program that uses CORBA to talk to MC).
This was suggested on gnome-list, and is already in my document.

Thanks for your help,
Best regards,
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