Re: orbit question

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999 wrote:

> In a gnome corba server, I have a sequence that is built on start up, and
> I have defined a method to return a list of this type. When the method is
> called, I want it to return the list. It works the first time, but the
> rest of the times, it does not work. I think orbit is freeing the list
> after the transmit the first time. I did set _release=FALSE on it before
> returning so I dont know why it is freeing it. I am using ORBit 0.4.3
> right now. Ideas?

CORBA_sequence_set_release(seq, FALSE) tells the ORB to not free the
contents of the sequence (i.e. _buffer), but the 'struct { int _length,
_maximum; foo *_buffer; }' structure itself is still freed no matter what.

-- Elliot
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