Re: Help please


First many many thanks for answering my question (I include 

The answer is as I found out (probably never thought of it because of 
no previous any coding experience) from everybody's mail and after 
testing is to actually call the set_default_color_scheme() after 
showing everything else.

So, yes one has to load everything before asking it to put colours.

I did not have to include the realize method, but adding right before 
the color thing did not change anything I could see in my window. It 
also must be called after showing everything else.

Anyway, what does the realize method do?

Another thing, and this is to James: how the heck can I make python 
make 1 tuple of 3-tuple. I tried but it refuses and gives me back 

 I still don't know however how to make python code colourful. Any 
help is really appreciated!

Hassan Aurag

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