Re: Help please

The set_color_scheme function is currently broken a bit.  It is expecting
a list of 1-tuples where each 1-tuple contains a 3-tuple giving the colour
value.  In the next version, it should be fixed to accept a list of

To set the colour scheme on a ZvtTerm widget, you must first add the
widget to its parent container (and the parent in its parent all the way
up to the top level).  You may also need to call the realize method before
setting the colour scheme.



On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Hassan Aurag wrote:

>  Hello
> I am using pygnome to buil an app called GMatH.
> In it, I use from python-gnome.
> First, .set_default_color_scheme or set_color_scheme don't work.
> The first even segfaults with core.
> My aim is to colorize python code.
> I guess this has to do with tokenize and maybe set_color_scheme?
> Any help on how to use them to make colored python code in my term would be grea
> t!
> Thank you 
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