Re: How to set sensitive tabs in gnomepropertybox.

George Farris wrote on 10/30/99 8:35 pm:

>> > I want to be able to set 
>the tabs in the property box 
>sensitive or
>> > not.  Basically you can't 
>click on on a tab that isn't 
>> > 
>> Pardon my asking, but 
>why would you want to do 
>this? If you can't click  on the 
>tab, it might as well not be 
>there -- a clickable tab with 
>all  the options greyed out is 
>a bizzare grey area, but a 
>non-clickable tab  might as 
>well be left off, since it 
>provides the user with 
>nothing they  didn't already 

When an option is only available sometimes, greying it out instead of removing it lets the user know where that option is. This way, the user can learn to use the program more quickly. 
Now that I think of it, it might be very usefull to have tooltips on greyed out options let the user know why the option is unavailable. For (a bad) example, some users may not realise that the reason they can't convert their Gimp image to RGB is because it already is.


>Yes, well, this is of course a 
>good point, so now I need a 
>pointer to the actual page so 
>I can add and remove it at 
>will.  I'm using libglade and 
>didn't create the widget 
>myself so maybe I need to 
>do a little more digging.  I 
>just thought someone would 
>have a quick and easy 
>answer to this.
>George Farris - VE7FRG
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