[PATCH] Some patches for stuff

Here's some patches I've done.
1) mimetypes.patch - adds the ability to edit extensions in the
control-center mime-types capplet.
I submitted this to Jonathan about 3/4 weeks ago, but haven't heard anything
back from him about it, so I thought I'd let everyone on the list rip it to
pieces. (I'm hoping Jonathan hasn't been eaten by Havoc's gnome...)

2) gnome-entry.patch - adds autocompletion and scrolling through the history
to gnome-entry, and therefore anything derived from it (gnome-file-entry,
gnome-pixmap-entry). I posted this about June, but did't receive any
comments on it, so I thought I'd repost it. On Havoc's advise I'm also going
to post both of these to bugs.gnome.org once I work out how to.

All comments/flames/presents gratefully received :)

PS. If Outlook (ewwww) screws up the attachments, email me, and I'll put
them up on a webpage somewhere.

PPS. diffs are against tonights CVS



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