Re: [PATCH] Some patches for stuff

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> Here's some patches I've done.
> 1) mimetypes.patch - adds the ability to edit extensions in the
> control-center mime-types capplet.
> I submitted this to Jonathan about 3/4 weeks ago, but haven't heard anything
> back from him about it, so I thought I'd let everyone on the list rip it to
> pieces. (I'm hoping Jonathan hasn't been eaten by Havoc's gnome...)

I have thus far withstood the vicious attacks of Havoc's gnome...

I think the UI needs a little cleaning up before I'm really happy with the 
patch.  I would rather see the clist with one column, and the buttons state
change depending on whether or not it can be changed.  Also, the buttons
should be moved to the right side of the clist.  In addition, it segfaults
when trying to revert.  I don't want to commit it as is (this is supposed to be
stable, after all...) but would welcome it with those bugs fixed.  I'll try
to do this later, if someone else doesn't do it.


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